Empowering Customers To Make More Sustainable Energy Choices

Through efficient energy improvements, installations, and innovations, the Effective Energy Group provides solutions that save time and money for customers who want to use alternatives that impact on the drive towards net zero.

Who is the Effective Energy Group?

We are a group of companies providing energy-related services to individuals and business, including; Effective Home, Effective Energy Solutions, Max Energy, and Aztec Solar. Together, we work to install renewable energy solutions, facilitate access to ECO funding for low-income households, support local and national contractors, and reduce the nation’s carbon footprint.
Since 2008 we have cared about improving the lives of many. At Effective Energy, our comprehensive service offering is rooted in our mission to assist residential homeowners in reducing their energy consumption, minimising losses, and lowering costs through though either single or multi measure approach. Additionally, we support businesses in navigating the ever-growing regulatory landscape associated with the Net Zero agenda
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A Word From Our Partners

How our partners are helping with the drive towards net zero

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Interested in a strategic partnership?

Interested in partnering with us?

We partner with a range of organisations in key sectors to deliver market-leading energy savings and sustainability solutions.

This includes:

Energy companies – to energise the UK’s ECO drive

Local authorities – to make improvements for vulnerable residents

Housebuilders – to provide money-saving home insulation improvements

Businesses – to help achieve sustainable objectives

Charities – to help tackle fuel poverty head on

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