Mission and Values

We are passionate about saving our customers time and money, but in sustainable ways that help save our planet too. Through energy efficient installations, innovations and improvements, our aim is to take UK households and businesses on the journey to achieving net zero.

Helping GOV.UK Achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2050

Our Mission

To make living sustainably accessible for all.

Sustainable living is the way in which we all need to live our lives as soon as we can, and it is important that all households can achieve sustainability goals. It’s why we will continue to diversify into the supply of renewable technology.

To make sure sustainability is accessible for all, we place a significant emphasis on accessing a range of funding streams that reduce the cost of energy efficiency measures and enable us to provide a range of low cost and no cost solutions for all homes.

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Our Values

The values that underpin everything the Effective Energy Group does

Our Objectives

Excellence in all that we do

We aim to provide the highest levels of customer service when delivering our ever-increasing range of measures. It is vital that we continue to incorporate new technologies and methods of communication in order to achieve this goal and this coupled with extensive training, knowledge and genuine desire of staff to help is really helping us deliver on this objective.

First for technologies

We aim to be the go-to name for the delivery of energy efficiency and renewable technologies for homes across the country. As the largest installer of cavity wall and loft insulation through our Max Energy and Effective Home brands, we want to become the no1 experts people turn to, to deliver each stage of their sustainability journey.

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A life less Carbon

We aim to reduce CO2 emissions. Not only through the measures we install and in the way that we deliver those measures as we work towards carbon net zero by the year 2030.

Pushing for product innovation

We aim to invest in, develop and implement new sustainable technologies. We investigate every new product to ensure it genuinely reduces CO2 emissions before adding to our range. If the right products do not exist, we will look to work with manufacturers to develop them.

Great working environment

We want to create a workplace that our people enjoy and are proud to be part of the Effective Energy team. A place where employees know that they are cared for, a place where they are empowered and a place they are happy to take on the responsibility for the important roles that they undertake. We want to create an environment where our staff are our greatest salespeople, freely telling people about the Effective Energy Group’s great work.

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