Effective Energy Group

Our sustainable roots

Our early years were spent building a
reputation for delivering carbon saving
obligations for energy companies…

Brand story

Effective Energy has evolved into a family of like-minded brands and embarked on an
exciting journey – the Group mission – to make living sustainable accessible for all, across
a whole range of business objectives.

“When we started out in 2008, other companies provided a similar service but… all too
often they’d fail to provide the level of quality and detail required to ensure the smooth
delivery for energy suppliers, contractors and social housing providers. Today Effective
Energy Solutions is one of two companies that remain. Now though the Effective Energy
Group has grown into a family of like-minded brands. A very different business from the
company we set up in an Innovation Centre in Worksop, Nottinghamshire.”

Richard Cox, CEO

Our brand story

Naturally evolves over time


Hello Effective Energy Solutions

A significant opportunity was identified to help energy suppliers deliver their carbon saving obligations through Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) and Community Energy Saving Project (CESP). CESP in particular was a great opportunity due to the complexities of the scheme and the requirement to bring together a number of partners to set up and deliver each project.


Supporting ECO from day one

The first iteration of the ECO Scheme started life in 2013 as ECO1. Its three main obligations that energy companies were required to meet were: Carbon Emissions Reduction Obligation (CERO), the Carbon Saving Community Obligation (CSCO) and the Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation (HHCRO).


Growing the Effective family tree

A decision was made to diversify. Delivering obligations for energy companies would no longer be 100% of the business. Setting up several businesses would add value and variety to the energy services sector. Our strategy would and still is to explore business opportunities and then look to recruit or acquire the expertise to deliver the service to the high quality standards we set for ourselves.


Round ECO2

The next scheme, ECO2, launched in 2015 and ended in 2017. Suppliers were required to achieve the following cost and carbon savings – 19.7 Mt CO2 under CERO, 6 Mt CO2 under CSCO and £6.46 billion under HHCRO.


Max Energy makes an impact

A team of former Mark Group employees came together and created Max Energy. To supply and fit a range of insulation measures for housebuilders and homeowners across England. By November 2015 it has operational depots in Leeds, Warrington, Leicester, Ashford, Bridgwater. Today Max Energy operates from six locations (with more to come), employing over 80 engineers who install over 5000 energy efficiency measures a month. The team work extremely hard and Max Energy’s success is a testament to their expertise, commitment and dedication.


Heating up the market

Initially Effective Heating provided boiler replacements and repairs to homeowners in the Yorkshire and North Midlands area. In 2018 we acquired AU Heating, based over in Doncaster. Effective Heating Ltd was incorporated in October 2016.


Storage batteries included

We identified an opportunity to enter the large scale battery storage market– enter Volta Energy Group. The legislation looked favourable, and we were able to put the right team together to identify sites, arrange connections, land options, planning consents and then source the funding required to facility the development of these sites.


ECO3 is the magic number

The third iteration of Energy Company Obligation is currently underway, running from 2018 to 2022.


Va Va Volta Energy

Having identified a number of large scale battery storage sites – capacity market changes quickly led to two further sites being developed.


Welcome Effective Home

We realised that the name Effective Heating did not entirely cover the extent of the range of measures that we planned to offer, so rebranded as Effective Home. Now the company can provide a comprehensive range of heating and renewable technologies into people’s homes. By 2021, we are installing over 400 measures a month.


Alta Capital solar PV power

Even during lockdown, new opportunity in the development, investment, construction and operation of large-scale clean energy assets could be identified. Resulting in an investment in Alta Capital. Initially with the focus on solar PV in Italy, this has enabled us to take in a minority stake in the business that will develop over 1 Gigawatt of renewable energy assets in Italy over the next two years.

This is just the start

We continue to look for and investigate new growth opportunities
in the energy services sector and welcome approaches from
business and individuals.