December 3, 2021

Effective Energy Group Helping to Heat the Homes of Those Most in Need

What happens when the available funding still isn’t enough? At Effective Energy Group, we are committed to making efficient and sustainable heating accessible to all. So, when a client came to us who was struggling to afford a new boiler, even with support from the ECO scheme, we knew we had to go further.

With ECO funding, our clients can bring down the cost of a new boiler, or home insulation, to something much more manageable. However, even the subsidised price is too high for some households. This was the situation for one of our Effective Home clients earlier this year.

Our client was on Universal Credit and, with the events of the past year or so, was in a difficult financial position. While the boiler was subsidised by the ECO scheme, there is sometimes a small contribution left to pay which was not going to be possible for our client. Undeterred, our team started to look elsewhere for funding support!

Thankfully, they found it.

We discovered that Nottingham Energy Partnership has a charity fund to help low-income families buy new boilers. Recipients can receive up to £1000 – more than enough to cover what our client needed!

By bringing ECO funding and the charity grant together, we were able to keep another home warm this year.

As well as helping people to access ECO funding, we’ve created our very own initiative to help fuel-poor households! Our Help4Homes scheme is designed to tackle the root cause of fuel poverty. Watch this space to learn more about this new scheme.

*Photo for illustrative purposes only to protect the identity of our client.

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