Corporate, Environmental & Social Responsibility

We’re doing our collective best to make the world more energy efficient and create a more sustainable future for all of us.

We are proud to play a major role in encouraging and facilitating the uptake of energy efficiency solutions that impact on carbon emissions as well as helping our customers save money. We are dedicated to making renewable energy technologies and other energy saving measures more accessible, including opening up the various avenues to funding to households and businesses.

Climate Challenges & Opportunities

We are thrilled to live in a country committed to tackling climate change. This creates fantastic opportunities AND challenges for us; with new schemes set up but sometimes being short-lived or replaced.

The further development and implementation of more long-term schemes in the future create opportunities that we are ready to help our customers capitalise on. Various schemes are in place and ready for implementation. These will all help homeowners access more energy efficiency measures – more affordably – and we plan to play a key part in their delivery.

Improving Access To Funding Opportunities

By quickly reacting to these changes and being the best placed to access government assistance the minute it's available, we can help with schemes including:
Helping GOV.UK Achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2050

“When we started out in 2008, other companies provided a similar service but… all too often they’d fail to provide the level of quality and detail required to ensure the smooth delivery for energy suppliers, contractors and social housing providers. Today Effective Energy Solutions is one of two companies that remain. Now though the Effective Energy Group has grown into a family of like-minded brands. A very different business from the company we set up in an Innovation Centre in Worksop, Nottinghamshire.”

- Richard Cox, CEO

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