September 14, 2021

Does the Government Need to Do More for Retrofitting Services?

If you caught any news about the most recent IPCC report, released on the 9 th of August this year, you’ll know that people have been calling it a “code red for humanity”. It certainly does contain some stark facts about the climate crisis.

Since the report’s release, there have been lots of articles in the media with different organizations calling on the government to arrange a major national domestic energy efficiency retrofit programme to reduce CO2 emissions.

However, we want to reassure you on something. The government has already committed over £2bn a year over the next 4 years to doing this through a variety of programmes – so there is plenty for everybody.

At Effective Energy Group we are at the vanguard of effective, sustainable retrofitting. We work with energy suppliers, local authorities, and housing associations to deliver energy efficiency upgrades, worth £millions, every year to households in the greatest need.

If there is government money that can be distributed to homeowners for retrofitting projects, you can be sure that we will help deliver it.

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