June 24, 2024

Mortgage Advice Bureau Partners with Effective Energy Group to Revolutionise Homeowner Energy Efficiency

Mortgage Advice Bureau (MAB), the UK’s leading mortgage intermediary, is breaking new ground by partnering with Effective Home to transform the landscape of homeowner energy efficiency. This collaboration will empower homeowners to enhance their properties’ energy performance in ways previously unattainable.

For the first time, customers have access to affordable retrofitting solutions that can significantly lower energy bills and potentially increase property values over time. This partnership ensures that sustainable living is accessible to a wider audience. Advisers will now be able to engage in valuable conversations about energy efficiency at any stage of the homebuying and remortgaging journey, expanding their ability to generate referrals, protection opportunities, and long-term customer retention.

MAB’s innovative new initiative, Resilient Homes, offers a way forward for customers seeking to make their homes more energy efficient. This partnership opens up opportunities for MAB’s advisers and business partners to deliver cutting-edge services that address the growing demand for sustainable living.

Through Resilient Homes, MAB advisers can introduce customers to Effective Home, which will conduct thorough assessments to evaluate the property’s potential for energy efficiency upgrades. This service generates tailored recommendations that customers can implement directly through Effective Home. MAB advisers are then ideally positioned to assist these customers with their related financing needs.
Effective Home will provide a comprehensive breakdown of cost savings, payback periods, and environmental benefits as part of the process. Once customers agree to proceed, Effective Home’s team of specialists will manage the installation of relevant improvements, such as solar panels, insulation, advanced glazing, and heat pumps. A new EPC assessment will be carried out after works have been completed to validate the enhanced energy performance of the property.

Ben Thompson, Deputy CEO, Mortgage Advice Bureau, said: “We’re thrilled to partner with Effective Energy Group to launch Resilient Homes. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in our commitment to sustainability. By addressing the substantial carbon footprint of UK housing, we’re not just keeping pace with global environmental goals, but leading the charge.”

Ben Williams, CCO, Effective Energy Group, said: “This partnership is catapulting MAB into an area that’s never been targeted before. It’s a milestone in making energy efficiency a viable option for all homeowners. Resilient Homes is market disruptive by giving a different dynamic, as well as options, to customers who want to make changes to the energy efficiency of their property. Our mission is to provide practical and affordable energy-saving solutions, and this collaboration enables us to reach more customers than ever before, driving down carbon emissions and energy costs.”

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Mortgage Advice Bureau assumes zero responsibility for retrofit-specific advice. Fulfilment is conducted by a specialist third party using qualified experts.

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