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We’ve helped 140,000 homeowners use less, lose less and generate their own energy.

starts at home

Did you know...

66% of homes
fail to meet long-term
energy efficiency targets

Over 12 million homes
fall below the C grade on EPCs
(Energy Performance Certificates)
graded from A-G

And this means...

£££ energy bills
Householders are spending
more on energy bills

↑↑ CO2
Tonnes more CO2 pumped into
the atmosphere than necessary

Source: EPC certification data/national housing surveys

Join the renewable energy revolution

From installing a more energy efficient boiler to swapping fossil fuels for renewables,
we’re behind homeowners looking to consume energy in smarter, more innovative ways.

The Effective Energy Group is helping homeowners, private renters and landlords
make these sustainable first steps to change easier – along with the bigger, braver
leap to renewables.

  • Bungalows
  • Flats and Apartments
  • Houses
  • New builds
  • Character properties
  • Country estates
  • Conservation areas

It doesn’t need to cost the earth – many are free with grants or funding.

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Need an EPC?

Under ECO3 Privately Rented Properties have more restrictions set upon them for the type of measure they can receive. This is because ECO now takes into consideration The Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) (England and Wales) Regulations 2015. As a result, all Privately Rented Properties must be accompanied by an EPC. The Efficiency Rating detailed on the EPC will then determine what measures the property can have installed.

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