Tackling fuel
poverty head on

Going further for energy companies
supporting the vulnerable.

The need for Effective

The Effective Energy Group is committed to supporting charities that could benefit from the work that we do with energy suppliers to open access to all qualifying schemes designed to address fuel poverty.

Over the last 13 years, we’ve discovered that scheme rules are increasingly preventing support from reaching those who need it most. After regularly meeting customers that need our help, we have found a way to help them access it – Effective Help4Homes through Warm Homes Discount (WHD).

Good WHD News

From the government:

  • Warm Home Discount
    extended to 2025/26
  • Spending envelope
    increased to £475 million per
    year from 2022
  • Aim to reach a further
    780,000 households
  • Consult on reforms to
    improve the fuel poverty
    targeting of the scheme

How the scheme works

We are a go-to, reliable provider of ECO funding and related schemes since 2008 with:

  • End to end project management
  • Over 250 employees engaged in energy services
  • Experienced management team with track record of delivering results

Scheme positives

Help for households in need that didn’t previously qualify

  • Topping up households receiving insufficient help
  • Holistic approach to bring multiple schemes, providers and contact points together
  • No more complications diverting funding from where it needs to be
  • No more households ‘getting lost in transit’

Why Help4Homes is so effective

  • Includes ALL households in need
  • Fills all the gaps
  • Infrastructure offers a connected ‘one stop shop ‘
  • Single point of entry with carefully managed handovers

Delivering maximum value

Excessive red tape can prevent access to funding from those who need it – stopping the money that’s there from making a difference. This is why Effective Energy Group’s compliance team is working behind the scenes to make the complex simpler!

Every pound needs to work for the customer and transform as many lives as possible. By leveraging funding from multiple schemes, we can maximise this scheme’s impact where it really matters. With standardised, clear eligibility criteria that makes it easy to highlight vulnerable householders so we can offer the enhanced support they need at every touchpoint.

For all Help4Homes enquiries and referrals, please call 01909 511260.

Or click here to contact us.

“Everyone’s needs are bespoke. Having a single scheme
that can provide for multiple scenarios means
more people can get the help they need.”

Neil Marshall
Director of Development and External Affairs