Mission & values

Ultimately, we set out to save our
customers time and money. In sustainable
ways that help save our planet too.

Our mission

To make living sustainably accessible for all

Sustainable living is the way in which we all need to live our lives as soon as we can,
and it is important that all households can achieve sustainability goals. It’s why we will
continue to diversify into the supply of renewable technology.

To make sure sustainability is accessible for all, we place a significant emphasis on
accessing a range of funding streams that reduce the cost of energy efficiency measures
and enable us to provide a range of low cost and no cost solutions for all homes.

Our values

What the Effective Energy Group stands for

we are Experts

  • We work together as one team, sharing knowledge and skills.
  • Combining our unique expertise to innovate and solve problems for clients.
  • We invest in our people to nurture their expertise and growth.
  • We are one expert team.

at heart

  • We are bold. We ask questions and
    keep ourselves informed.
  • We speak out. We take the initiative.
    We assume responsibility.
  • We lead with our hearts.
  • We dare to be brave.

for Sustainability

  • Our energy creates effortless
    experiences for colleagues and clients.
  • We care deeply about the environment
    & society… and realise our collective
    power to make a positive impact.
  • Every action is a step towards
    Net Zero.

Achieve the

  • We stretch ourselves to explore
    new opportunities and apply our
    knowledge to new things.
  • Always moving forward as
    individuals and teams.
  • We celebrate each milestone
    and success.

We thrive on the

  • We challenge ourselves to be
    our very best.
  • Pushing our boundaries and
    comfort zones.
  • We challenge convention when it gets
    in the way of ‘doing ‘the right thing’.
  • Our ambition drives us forward.

Own It

  • We are determined to get it right.
  • And take great pride in our work.
  • We are empowered to put things right.
  • And are inspired to ‘own’ the mission
    to create a more sustainable future!

Our objectives

A life less carbon

We aim to reduce CO2 emissions.

Not only through the measures we install and in the
way that we deliver those measures as we work
towards carbon net zero by the year 2030.

Excellence in all that we do

We aim to provide the highest levels of customer
service when delivering our ever-increasing range
of measures.

It is vital that we continue to incorporate new
technologies and methods of communication in order
to achieve this goal and this coupled with extensive
training, knowledge and genuine desire of staff to
help is really helping us deliver on this objective.

Pushing for product innovation

We aim to invest in, develop and implement new
sustainable technologies.

We investigate every new product to ensure it
genuinely reduces CO2 emissions before adding to
our range. If the right products do not exist, we will
look to work with manufacturers to develop them.

First for technologies

We aim to be the go-to name for the delivery of
energy efficiency and renewable technologies for
homes across the country.

As the largest installer of cavity wall and loft
insulation through our Max Energy and Effective
Home brands, we want to become the no1 experts
people turn to, to deliver each stage of their
sustainability journey.

Great working environment

We want to create a workplace that our people enjoy
and are proud to be part of the Effective Energy team.

A place where employees know that they are cared
for, a place where they are empowered and a place
they are happy to take on the responsibility for
the important roles that they undertake. We want
to create an environment where our staff are our
greatest salespeople, freely telling people about
the Effective Energy Group’s great work.

Climate & market changes

We are thrilled to live in a country committed to tackling climate change. This creates fantastic opportunities AND challenges for us; with new schemes set up and taken away at speed.

Admittedly, Green Homes Grants may have been a Covid-19 casualty, but we trust in further development and implementation of more long-term schemes in the future.

Various schemes are in place and ready for implementation. These will all help homeowners access more energy efficiency measures – more affordably – and we plan to play a key part in their delivery.

By quickly reacting to these changes and being the best placed to access government assistance the minute its available for schemes including:

  • Home Upgrade Grant – due for implementation in April 2022
  • Warm Homes Discount – our Help4Homes schemes helps vulnerable households who have real problems in overcoming the winter cold and sit outside some of our other schemes
  • ECO – we are currently in phase 3 of this obligation and phase 4 is due to start in April 2022. The initial indications as to what the scheme might look like will present even more opportunities for the Effective Energy Group.
  • Local Energy Hubs
  • Local Authority initiatives


New build plans

In the housebuilder market, the government is committed to increasing home ownership and they are committed to reviewing the planning process to ensure that planning permissions for new developments is not unnecessarily withheld or held up.

Also, importantly, a levy is being considered against developers who gain planning permission for houses but fail to build them within an agreed time limit. Max Energy, the largest installer of insulation measures in the newbuild sector, is ideally placed from six depots located across England, with two more planned for 2021. This not only gives us greater coverage, but also reduces travel distances between sites. Our aim is never to travel more than 50 miles to a site… max!